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Trending: Wedding Colors of 2017

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Calling all brides! We are here to talk 2017’s trending color schemes.  Picking the color scheme of your wedding is normally one of the first, and biggest, decisions, because all others depend on it! Flowers, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, invites, centerpieces – they all depend on the colors you choose from the beginning!

Whether you’ve been dreaming of warm, cool, cozy, bright, dulled-down, coordinated, or mix-and-match we have the best suggestions for it all. Here’s to making the process a bit easier!

Outdoor Wedding

Blue Ridge Bride | Wedding Trends | Shenandoah ValleyIt can be a challenge trying to find a scheme that compliments the natural elements and colors of the outdoors. If you will be surrounded by the bright, ethereal greens, yellows, and browns of the earth, pick colors that are light and muted, with one accent color. Nature’s color palette will add enough brightness and boldness, and colors such as cream, beige, sand, blonde, buttermilk, and even blush, will keep things light, airy and natural. Dying for a pop of color? Keep it muted and toned-down, as to not interfere with the bright leaves, trees, and foliage. Lavender, plum, or a nice orange would allow for that pop without clashing.

Indoor Wedding

Whether the wedding is inside a rustic barn, or in a fancy ballroom at a hotel, picking the right colors for an indoor wedding is crucial! Most indoor locations are very neutral, which means you have tons of freedom withBlue Ridge Bride | Wedding Trends | Shenandoah Valley the color palettes. If you’re in a space with plenty of natural light, try to keep the colors comfortable and not too loud. Navy blue, burgundy, even a bright turquoise will keep things lively. However, if you’re in a ballroom that has little to no windows, you can go with a bold pink, intense purple, or loud blue, and it will still look great while bringing life, vibrancy, and personality to the space.

Beach Wedding

Destination weddings are hot! Surrounded by beautiful blue waters, clear skies, and endless sand, you want to maintain that tropical feel! A popular trend is repetition of blues – Blue Ridge Bride | Wedding Trends | Shenandoah Valleyeverything monochromatic, with different shades of blues. This allows you to hold onto the beach feel without going overboard on the seashell decorations! If you’re in the Caribbean, teals and greens will play perfectly with the water. Accent pieces in a coral or pink color are fabulous! If you’re on the coast, use everything from light sky-blue tones to deep navy-blue tones. You can add a “pop” with soft reds or bright greens.


Remember not to rush when picking out your color scheme! Take your time, consider your wedding venue, and choose whatever feels right for you. A softer scheme with a bold accent will make your wedding unique and fun, without overpowering the rest of the wedding details!

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