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Planning 101: Unique Wedding Ideas

If you’re trying to find ways to do something new and unusual for your wedding, but coming up short, check out this blog! We have done plenty of research to find the newest, most exciting (and doable) trends to make your big day even bigger!


It starts in the early stages of planning, while you’re making the guest list and sending out invitations. Wax seal | Wedding | Wedding Invitations | Wedding Planning | Wedding Trends 2017Making the invites true to you and your fiance will make them that much more special! It’s easy to pick a standard invite template, but what will really blow your guests away is a handmade or personally designed invitation. There are plenty of artisans out there who make some beautiful invitations! Upon putting it in the envelope, try sealing it with a one-of-a-kind wax seal. It will be a fantastic touch!

Here’s another new trend making its way into the wedding world: no longer writing “guest” or “plus one.”  Instead of telling your guests they can bring someone, get that “plus one’s” address and send them their own invitation. It’s become a really sweet, personal way to tell them you’d like for them to be at the wedding. It doesn’t take much time or effort to intimately let them know they are more than just a “plus one.”

Wedding websites are now a fun, interactive, way to get your guests more involved from the day you get engaged! They are a place to post engagement photos, tell the story, and provide wedding details (just in case someone loses their invite!).  You can also post the registry information, which will make it easier for your guests because they can access it at all times.

If you’re struggling on what to register for, try thinking a little more outside-the-box. These days, newlyweds are requesting more experiences and less household items. You could register for cooking classes, or rock climbing adventures, or even a wine tasting at a vineyard. This will provide you with Wedding Trends 2017 | Wedding Planning | Snapchat | Snapchat Geofilter | Wedding Geofilterendless fun and memories you can always carry with you, long after those pots and pans get thrown away.

For the Wedding Day:

When it comes to the wedding day, here’s something to keep in mind… If you want a venue that you and your guests will cherish and remember, look for large plots of land with scenic views and plenty of space.  Distinct landmarks and historic buildings are also alluring ways to set your wedding apart from all others.

One last thing – do you use Snapchat? You can have a personalized geofilter designed just for your wedding day! How cool is that? Your guests can use it all throughout the day and night, and it’s such a fun memory to have!

We hope these tips will help you during the planning process!


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