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Getting to Know Marcy from Hillbrook Inn

Hillbrook Inn is a beautiful choice for a wedding venue in West Virginia. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Marcy Deck, the Guest Services Manager & Event Coordinator for Hillbrook Inn.  Marcy has a unique relationship with weddings at Hillbrook Inn, and we loved learning more about her personal and professional experience with the wedding industry!

First, can you tell me a little about yourself? Are you from this area originally?

I’m originally from South Florida and moved around a bit after college.  My husband and I, who were dating long distance until we got married, chose Hillbrook as the special location for our intimate, destination wedding in June of 2013.  Immediately after our wedding, we started an internship at the inn (thankfully, they gave us a place to live!), and we now co-manage the property in addition to other responsibilities, like wedding planning.

When you were a kid did you ever expect you would get into the wedding industry? Have you always known this is what you wanted?

I worked in corporate marketing and communications for a number of years, which included a good deal of event planning that put my organizational skills to work.  Wedding coordination is a natural extension of that and enables me to bridge the gap between innkeeping and my past work experience.

How many years have you been in this industry?

I’ve been doing event planning at Hillbrook for over three years now.

Does your personal wedding experience influence how you oversee them now?

Yes, absolutely.  I have the unique benefit of having been a Hillbrook bride before I started working at the property.  That gives me an leg up because I have been on both sides and understand exactly how the venue works best to bring a bride’s vision to life.

What specifically is it that you do at Hillbrook? Host weddings, talk to brides, interact with wedding planners, etc.?

I manage the inn overall, including reservations, staff, scheduling, etc.  When it comes to wedding planning, I coordinate every aspect of the event, including site visits, booking vendors, writing contracts, coordinating timelines, making flowers, ordering cakes, setting menus, day-of execution, etc.  I also handle corporate meeting planning and coordination of groups coming to stay at the inn.

What is the most memorable wedding you have worked on? What made it special?

Last summer, we had a couple who envisioned an event that was different from a typical wedding at our facility.  They turned their wedding weekend into a family reunion of sorts where everyone got together for a couple of days to enjoy playing games, eating good food and spending time together.  They also infused cultural elements from their heritage into the event, like a British high tea.  The highlight was their wedding ceremony, which was actually a surprise theatrical performance by the bride and groom incorporating their unknowing guests.  It was both entertaining and beautiful, and everyone had a lovely time.

Weddings like Fashion are extremely “trend” driven.  What do you see as 2017 wedding trends in the way of décor, wedding size, reception parties,  the dress, the hot color etc.?

One of the biggest trends we see is a desire for smaller, more intimate weddings and elopements with less fuss and more focus on personal interactions with those closest to the couple.  Our facility is ideal for these types of events.

How much of the wedding do you work on first-hand? Is it normally the ceremony or the reception?

I typically work on every aspect first-hand.  If I am not available, Hillbrook’s owner, Carissa helps out as well.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

After the ceremony, when the bride and groom get to enjoy time relaxing with their guests.

 I know that when I see videos of weddings, it makes me emotional. Silly, but true! Would you say you get emotional with each wedding you are involved in?

Sometimes I get emotional during the ceremony, especially if I have developed a relationship with the couple.

Do you have any personal advice or words of wisdom to the brides and grooms that are planning their weddings?

Keep it simple and focus on what matters – your marriage, not the wedding.  And don’t skimp on the photography no matter how small of an event it is!

Do you have children? If they’re young, what do you wish for them when their wedding day rolls around in the future? If they’re already married, how did the wedding go? Was it hard to plan, or relatively simple because of your background in the industry?

I’m pregnant with our first and hope our children make God the center of their wedding ceremony (as we did) since He is the creator of marriage and the orchestrator of their union.

What kind of bride picks your venue?

Someone who is looking for a unique and historic venue with character and charm; also a bride who wants a hassle-free experience with everything handled for her except what to wear!

How would you describe your venue to a bride?

If you want a fairytale wedding experience without the stress, book your wedding at Hillbrook!

Thank you so much, Marcy, for answering our questions! For more information on Hillbrook Inn, please visit this website.

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