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Meet the George Washington Hotel Wedding Specialist

George Washington Hotel Wedding

Meet Jane Obst – she’s the George Washington Hotel wedding specialist who takes your event from vision to reality at this gorgeous Winchester venue.

George Washington Hotel Wedding Specialist

Jane is a seasoned hospitality professional. She began her career at Walt Disney World where she learned the foundation of customer service. Later Jane worked for Hilton Hotels in Chicago where she started her career in catering sales.

After signing your contract for a George Washington Hotel wedding, you’ll be in Jane’s capable hands. Because she is the hotel’s Wedding Specialist & Conference Services Manager, she’s the all important link between the sales department and banquet team. “While I am not a personal wedding planner,” says Jane, “my job is to work with the bride, ensuring the hotel carries out her expectations.” Logistics are her specialty and she attends each couple’s planning session and tasting.

Teamwork makes a dream work

But Jane’s job is more than just logistics. With so many decisions to make, wedding planning is stressful. “My job is to instill confidence on behalf of the hotel. She (the bride) has hired professionals who will set up and carry out her special day so she can actually enjoy it.”

George Washington Hotel Wedding

Jane believes in a team approach to fulfilling wedding wishes. “When a wedding reception is held here, the couple and their guests are actually in contact with all departments of the hotel.” Jane is especially proud of the GW’s banquet staff and their high standards. “We get such nice compliments because we have such a great staff.” Pictured here are Jane (c) with Banquet Manager Kate Smith (l) and Assistant Banquet Manager Jennifer Kidwell (r)

As someone who’s been in the hospitality and wedding industry for awhile, Jane has seen some changes. “Overall, I think today’s bride is much more organized and knowledgeable. Because of the internet, she’s more thorough in her research.”

Words of Wedding Wisdom

Flexibility and accommodating a couple’s budget are important to Jane. She’s a big fan of weekday weddings. “It’s a great alternative for the savvy bride who knows what she wants and likes the glamour of our historic hotel’s ballroom while staying within budget.” And at the George Washington, you’re not locked into a prescribed format. “Every event has its own personality. One of our most unique receptions was a dinner with the ceremony in the middle of the event.”

So what are the most important “words of wisdom” Jane offers when it comes to weddings? “I always tell the bride, after months and months of planning, she does not need to worry about the details and reception timeline because we – the professionals – are here for her.”

Learn more about weddings at the George Washington on the Luxury Love page of Blue Ridge Bride. And enjoy the hotel’s wonderful food at “Root to Table” September 13.

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