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Getting to Know: Bethany from Massanutten Resort

Massanutten Resort, located near Harrisonburg, VA, is not only an all-seasons ski and waterpark resort, but also a beautiful venue to get married! We sat down with Bethany Frye, the event planner for Massanutten to get to know her and learn more about what it is like to hold a wedding at Massanutten Resort.

First, can you tell me a little about yourself? Are you from this area originally?

I have been working with Massanutten for 16 years, in a couple of different areas, but love working with the resort. I am from this area. I did move away for a brief time, but have always felt like this is where I belong.

When you were a kid did you ever expect you would get into the wedding industry? Have you always known this is what you wanted?

I have always enjoyed putting things together. I love watching things unfold and being a part of special events in people lives. I always knew I wanted to work with the public and do something with events.

When did you first become interested in weddings?

I was always planning my own wedding, by clipping things out of magazines and putting everything together. I loved helping plan my family event when I was in high school, but I would say it was my freshman year that I really started to get involved in the whole planning thing.

How many years have you been in this industry?

I have been in this job for 13 years.

Does your personal wedding experience influence how you oversee them now?

No, not at all. I love hearing everyone’s different ideas and being able to create what they are looking for. I try and keep my personal opinions out of it, because most girls have had an idea of what they wanted their wedding to look like when they were a kid. I want to give them the wedding that they have always dreamed of, not the wedding that I have dreamed of.

What specifically is it that you do at Massanutten Resort? Host weddings, talk to brides, interact with wedding planners, etc.?

I work closely with wedding planners, if they choose to bring their own, or I step in as their own wedding planner if they choose. I normally work with a bride for about a year helping her plan her special day. I help book the DJ and florist if needed and work closely when them (some of my brides are from out of town, so it’s hard for them to do a whole lot). I am also there for the event from start to finish.

What is the most memorable wedding you have worked on? What made it special?

We did a themed Halloween wedding and I think that was my favorite. The guest came dressed up and the bride was they only “princess”. It was very creative and a lot of fun.

Weddings like Fashion are extremely “trend” driven.  What do you see as 2017 wedding trends in the way of décor, wedding size, reception parties,  the dress, the hot color etc.?

Well we are still seeing a lot of rustic weddings. A lot of barns and wild flowers, orange and yellows. Were still seeing a lot of outdoors weddings.

How much of the wedding do you work on first-hand? Is it normally the ceremony or the reception?

I am there from the beginning to the end.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

Watching it all unfold.

I know that when I see videos of weddings, it makes me emotional. Silly, but true! Would you say you get emotional with each wedding you are involved in?

Absolutely! I get to know each and every family I work with, so in the end I feel like I’m watching a friend get married.

Do you have any personal advice or words of wisdom to the brides and grooms that are planning their weddings?

Do not stress out to the point that you are not having fun, or enjoying the experience. Always appoint someone on the day of to be the go to person, so that you can enjoy your day and not be stressed with all the questions or things that may need to be tweaked.

What kind of bride picks your venue?

I have worked with all kinds of brides, so I’m not sure I have a specific kind of bride.

How would you describe your venue to a bride?

Our facility holds up to 300 people and the views are breathtaking, it sits on top of Massanutten Resort. We have a very professional staff, that is here for you from the beginning until the end.

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Bethany! We enjoyed getting to know you a bit more. For more information on booking a wedding at Massanutten Resort, visit this website

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