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Getting to Know: Lori from Mackintosh Fruit Farm

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I was excited to speak with Lori Mackintosh about weddings at the farm because it is such a fun and unique venue! Mackintosh Fruit Farm may be the place for you and your wedding – read on to find out more!

First, I have to ask – where did you get married? In a church, outside, etc.?
We got married in a church. Actually, my husband was Catholic and I was Episcopalian, so we went to different churches and had mass at different times… But we were lucky enough to get married in a church that worked for both of us… We weren’t even farming back then, so it wasn’t really an option to us.

You have kids, right? Do you hope that they will get married at the farm?
Yes, we have two kids. Our one kid is actually getting married here this fall!

Mackintosh Fruit Farm | Blue Ridge Bride | Wedding VenuesHow long have you been doing weddings there? What made you decide to offer your farm as a venue?
The first wedding we had was for my nephew, it was about two years ago. It was totally their idea to have it on the farm, and we loved the thought of it! It was the biggest wedding we’ve done and it was beautiful!

What all do you offer in terms of weddings? The whole package – ceremony, reception, etc.? Or just ceremony? 
Yes, so we can do the wedding ceremony and reception.

Do you have a capacity on how many people you can have at the venue?
We can accommodate 150 people. So it’s generally small, but comfortable.

What specifically do you provide for the weddings?
I try to work with the brides to leave it up to them based on their budget. I am not the planner, although if more people become interested, I would like to hire a wedding planner I know to work with the brides that come to the farm. I will sit with them and give them prices based on what they want – the rental prices for chairs, linens, tents… A lot of people try to save money, so I give them the option that we can either set up and take down for a fee, or they could just bring their family and friends out to do the set up & take down, so that it’s cheaper. We can accommodate a lot, it just depends what the bride’s budget is and what they want.

Do you cater the weddings?
We currently don’t cater for the weddings. We prefer not to cater because our kitchen just isn’t quite big enough to prepare food for that many people. We like having offsite caterers come in. We hear a lot of good things from the offsite caterers because we have so much space for them to set up and use – we’ve got two areas specifically that work out well to set up the food.

What is your favorite part about hosting these weddings at Mackintosh Fruit Farm?
It’s different! We are so used to this being a business, and to having people here to pick fruit. But it’s nice to help with the wedding, watch people get married, and then relax after it’s all done. We see this place as work because we’re here everyday, but we have people come for weddings who have never been here before and they say how beautiful it all is, which is really nice. It’s something different and unexpected from a fruit farm. It’s also more to look forward to… it’s fun to see Mackintosh Fruit Farm | Blue Ridge Bride | Wedding Venuesdifferent brides and learn what they like and don’t like, and what they plan for their special day.

What other events do you host at Mackintosh Fruit Farm?
We do Apple Butter Day, Fall Festival, Pig Roast, Honey Crisp Day, Peach Festival… but we also do almost any event that people want, within our 150 capacity. We’ve done class reunions, wedding anniversary celebrations, birthday parties…

How would you describe your venue to a bride?
Affordable, quaint, rustic atmosphere, outdoorsy… I’d say anything from formal to informal because we can do just about anything. I’ve had a theme of “fall” with mums, haybales, and hayrides. I’ve had formal weddings with big round tables and white linens.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Lori for speaking with me and filling me in on all there is to know about throwing a wedding at Mackintosh Fruit Farm! Click here to learn more about how to book your special day.

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