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Best Wedding Food Trends of 2017

wedding food and drink trends

The dress, the flowers, the centerpieces… they’re all important parts of the wedding. But what’s the one thing that everyone can enjoy equally? That’s right, the food and the drinks. We’re here to bring you 2017’s hottest wedding food trends, so get ready to take some notes.

As weddings get more personal and intimate, we’re starting to see a lot of local foods and drink specials being served. For weddings in Chicago, deep dish pizza may be the fun appetizer during cocktail hour. For those in Maryland, you can likely count on Natty Boh beer and crab cakes to satisfy the local guests! It’s becoming less about the grandiose, fancy meals,wedding food and drink trends and more about what says “comfort” and “good times.”

Speaking of personalization, custom-drinks are gaining momentum! It’s more fun for your guests to order a “The Miller’s Mango Martini” rather than a glass of red wine. Spice it up, talk with your bartender, and come up with something unique to you!

When it comes to cocktail hour, here’s what you need to know: this year, it’s all about keeping your guests entertained. Food-and-guest interaction is another awesome way to get people having a blast! It could be a craft beer station with local, unique beverages, or a wine & cheese tasting with an on-site sommelier, or a DIY wedding food and drink trendsfrench fry station where they can top their fries with whatever they’d like, or even a food/drink pairing – where they can build their own taco and accompany it with a custom-flavored margarita. Whatever it may be, try giving your guests some options and different ways to mingle and eat besides the normal cocktail hour small-talk and standing around.

And one last tip, while we’re discussing guest entertainment and interaction – food trucks!! Whether you bring in a food truck simply for cocktail hour, or bring in a few for the official dinner, your guests will be surprised and loving it! It’s such an exciting, new way to please everyone with delicious food and a unique experience.



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